Fitness and beautiful breasts? It works!

Fitness and beautiful breasts? It works!

A balanced diet, exercise, and an overall healthy lifestyle are very popular these days. Everybody wants to look and feel good!

However, as we lose weight, we often lose our curves due to reducing body fat in those areas we are proud of! Many women who enjoy a fitness regime do not always like the look of their breasts. Breasts are made up of mammary glands and fat so it is no wonder that they shrink during diet and exercise. Are you also unhappy with the appearance of your décolletage?

If so, one solution is plastic surgery and breast enlargement with silicone implants.

The company LIPOELASTIC works together with the BIKINI fitness contestant Magda Sívková and Dr. Kamila Šormová from the AESTHGERY clinic in Czech Republic.

Artificial breasts are no secret in BIKINI fitness competitions. The best possible symmetry of the female body, to which the full décolletage undoubtedly belongs, is very important.

Magda has been fully devoted to her fitness regime for two years now and has had a hugely successful autumn season at the World Champion IBFA 2016 held in Rome, where she won the gold medal and became the absolute champion!

Fitness and beautiful breasts? It works!

Magda underwent her first plastic surgery in 2015 with Dr. Kamila Šormová, who used 300 ml anatomical implants.

She has now decided to go for a second bust enlargement. Let’s follow Magda´s journey to receive beautiful breasts.

1) Why did you decide to go for breast enlargement?
As I am dedicated to fitness and competitions, my body is subject to drastic diets with minimum fat content. Unfortunately, I have lost my breasts due to this. Another reason was confidence plus the final effect of a balanced figure at the competition.

2) What made you decide to enlarge your breasts once again and which breast implants did you choose?
My body has changed quite a bit in the last year. I have more muscle. Unfortunately, the diets have burned off all the breast fat and the original implants were too small in proportion to my body as well as too far apart. They were almost invisible in my competition suit and exposed my ribcage too much.

3) Do implants restrict your exercise in any way?
As Dr. Šormová did a perfect job, I feel absolutely great and the breasts do not restrict my exercise in any way whatsoever. They are like my own. After the surgery pain disappeared, I didn’t even notice them when exercising.

Wondering how Magda's surgery and recovery went and her return to exercising? Continue reading the article about Magda's quest for an irresistible décolleté!