Is exercising safe after the operation? Read the opinion of Doctor Šormová!

Mudr. Šormová

1) What shape of implants do you recommend to women who are actively involved in fitness?
It’s really impossible to say. It depends on the shape of the breasts before surgery. Only then can I decide which implants we should choose.

2) How long does convalescence last and how much time does it take before a woman can go back to exercising full throttle?
Fast post-operative convalescence lasts about two weeks, they can slowly start to exert themselves, and after six weeks the client can completely go back to her exercise routine.

3) Is it safe for a woman with implants to do strength exercises?
In controlled conditions, implants can withstand incredible pressure and stress. Even when a woman does strength exercises, such pressure in her body never exceeds the maximum. The experience of my clients allows me to say they have no reason to worry.

4) What kind of post-operative care do you recommend to your patients?
After the first checkup, I recommend showering and applying a special gel to the skin of the breasts to absorb swelling and hematoma. Supportive treatment includes enzymatic preparations. LIPOELASTIC compression underwear needs to be worn for 6-8 weeks.
After the first checkup, I also recommend a simple repetitive exercise with the implants to reduce the risk of creating a capsule.

5) Do you recommend using a compression bra instead of a sport bra?
Certainly. A regular sport bra does not fulfill the purpose expected of it. I recommend the PI unique bra, which properly holds and maintains implants during the convalescence period and serves as a breast guard during after-treatment.

6) Can the loss of fat cause the implant to be visible?
Unfortunately, yes. Even when it is inserted partially underneath the breast muscle, the edges of the implant can still be palpable and sometimes visible like a “furrow” on the surface. This happens with very slim clients with thin skin or really big implants.

7) Are there certain risks associated with strength training?
There are always risks, but silicone implants should not limit a client into fitness in any way. Otherwise it would make no sense wanting such breasts. As I said before, my experience suggests there is no increased risk associated with strength training.