The journey to beautiful breasts continues!

Does exercising cause your breasts to shrink? Or did our first article about fitness model Magda and her journey to a fuller bust line grab your attention?

Let’s see where she is today with it.

Mudr. Šormová

Magda Sívková is a bikini fitness competitor who decided to undergo a second augmentation of her breasts for competition purposes. During the first operation at the AESTHGERY clinic, Magda’s doctor Kamila Šormová inserted 300 ml implants. Magda decided to go for a second enlargement because the implants were still too small for competitive swimwear and looked too far apart.

Because she was very happy with the work of Doctor Šormová and the professionalism of the staff of AESTHGERY clinic, she had no reason to go elsewhere for the second one.

We asked Magda how the consultation and procedure itself went.

“I arranged to have the operation less than a week after the competitions were over.

I went to the clinic early in the morning. I made myself comfortable in my room as I waited for the anesthesiologist. The doctor and nurses warmly greeted me and I felt that I was in good hands. I was looking forward to a new body and wasn’t worried or nervous at all.

Mudr. Šormová

The anesthesiologist gave me an IV and I prepared myself for the operating room. The compression stockings that I put on for the operation I would have loved to keep. I would love to wear such chic normally?

We were joking around with the doctor in the operating room. Then I began to feel sleepy. The anesthesia was starting to work.

The operation lasted only an hour. When I woke up, I was happy that I had the operation behind me and nothing hurt me in general. I just had to tell all my family and friends about it on the phone. I now know not to call anyone after anesthesia ? After I woke up again, I had no idea who I told about it.

I was already on my feet in the afternoon of that same day. I’m very grateful I did not have to have any drains. The pain wasn’t as strong as it was for the first operation. The doctor warned me the most pain comes from creating pockets for the implants. My new one slipped beautifully into the pocket already created. I lounged around for three days after the operation. But I felt better when I sat up or at least went for a short walk. My back hurt when I was lying down. My body isn’t used to lying stiffly on my back.

I went in for a checkup after five days and saw for the first time the results of Doctor Šormová’s work. My breasts were not swollen at all and looked perfect. Beautifully together, wonderful shape.”

We decided together to use anatomical implants with a volume of 450 ml. The implants were inserted partially beneath the pectoral muscle in the breast crease.

Magda is right now three weeks after the operation. An integral part of post-operative care is high-quality compression underwear after surgery.

At the clinic Magda was recommended two-step compression therapy, which consists of two post-operative undergarments. For the first 3-4 weeks, it consists of a cotton bra PI special, whose antibacterial material speeds up the healing process, minimizes swelling, reduces pain and risks of infection!

Mudr. Šormová

“For the purposes of hygiene, I recommend all readers use two PI special bras. I can always put one bra to the wash while putting a clean one on. I feel better and more comfortable. If I had to wait for my bra to go through the wash and dry cycle, I wouldn’t feel safe!” says Magda.

For the second phase of her post-operative care, Magda will use the PI unique bra. This bra is recommended starting four weeks after the operation, is made of a breathable material and prevents the accumulation of moisture. This bra is perfect for fitness women after breast surgery.

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